Why SBI! Websites Are Different

There are many differences between (Site Build It!) SBI! Websites and blogs. The major difference is that SBI! sites are developed with the goal of building successful e-businesses that create ever-growing traffic and income.  If you are already successful on the Internet, you probably don’t need SBI!. However, if you have a need to replace or supplement your income, read on to learn more about the SBI! difference.

SBI! follows a process called Content arrow Traffic arrow PREsell arrow Monetize. Business building tools and modules are fully integrated and are all designed to help you succeed. By following the SBI! Action Guide, you will learn how to use the C arrow T arrow P arrow M process to create traffic. This is not overnight, get rich quick traffic, but stable ever-growing traffic that monetizes.

Starting Out

You begin by creating a blueprint using a keyword brainstorming module called Brainstorm It! which helps you to carefully research, plan and lay the foundation for your e-business. By researching topics you enjoy and/or have a passion for, you will learn which topic has the highest potential in terms of earning income from it by creating unique content based on searcher demand. You’ll selectively choose the spin that will set you apart from any competition. 

Next, you create content that human visitors love. Each page will then be perfectly optimized to please Search Engine spiders using a click-easy module called Analyze It!

Building Your Content Base

After your site begins to generate traffic, a module called Content 2.0 (C2) can be put to work to accelerate your content and traffic building efforts. C2 allows visitors who share your interest and passion to contribute to your site by writing their own content. Each C2 submission becomes a new page on your site. With proper implementation, C2 can generate 100s or even 1000s of pages on your site, allowing you to compete with much larger related sites on the Net.

Your outstanding, high-quality content has a tremendous impact on your visitors. They’ll subscribe to your RSS feed, and return again and again to view the latest pages, sometimes even using your content as a reference guide. They begin to trust and like you, while others begin to link to your site naturally.

Staying In Front Of Your Visitors

Have specialized knowledge that could benefit others? Use the Form Build It! module to create an online course that can be delivered in periodic segments. Form Build It! has a built in auto-responder that allows you to do this. Whether you deliver the information for free, or charge for the course, this a great way to keep your visitors coming back time and again, as well as just one way to generate income from your knowledge.

The e-zine builder makes creating your own online publication easy. You can even create future issues in advance and deliver it effortlessly to your growing opt-in list. The periodic information you provide further establishes you as an authority while keeping your name and your business in the forefront of your visitors’ minds. This keeps them coming back, increasing the chances of purchasing your product or service.

You don’t need advanced technical knowledge or programming skills to build SBI! Websites. All of the modules are designed to work together so you never have to worry about compatibility issues. Additionally, each and every module comes standard with an SBI! subscription so you won’t incur any additional fees.

Constant Updating and Support

When it comes to training, there is no place that delivers the kind of training you get with SBI! 

In addition to the Action Guide, you’ll have 24/7 access to the SBI! forums, a professional and friendly place where you can go for help and support. With its success focused atmosphere, you will get practical advice for your SBI! Websites, ideas and even find friendship. The Tips and Techniques HQ features articles written by successful SBI! owners and by SiteSell staff. They provide real, been-there, done-that advice on evolving issues. SBI! strives to keep you up to date on the latest trends so you can focus on your business, rather than chasing down the latest news.

All The Tools All In One Place

These are just a few of the many tools available with SBI! Websites. A comprehensive list with descriptions is available here http://tools.sitesell.com.

Each of these tools and techniques have been designed and tested for results to help you build a successful e-business. You won’t find questionable or risky strategies with SBI!. SBI! Websites are designed for the result of creating long-term success for you.

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