Google Spies...
And Why SBIers Don't Worry About Them 

There's a lot of talk on the Net about avoiding "Google spies." Bloggers talk about them as do forum members. You may even have your own personal concern about them. If you are concerned, there is a chance you've done something that puts your online business at risk.

The Net is glutted with dubious products claiming to skyrocket your site or blog to dizzying levels overnight. After purchasing one of these products, you may realize that the kind of marketing "advantage" it provides is something you just don't feel good about.

Additionally, there are rogue Internet marketers who seem helpful on the surface, who freely share their secrets of Internet wealth. They dispense this brand of advice because it gets quick results and attracts attention. Like the countless weight loss products available, they prey on others' demands for instant gratification. However, the techniques are unethical and dangerous and will subject your site to being banned and/or delisted.

Should You Worry About Google Spies?

There are always people who feel that in order to get traffic and have a successful website they must bend (or break) the rules of quality standards. There are entire communities of people who devote a great deal of time to learning techniques that reverse-engineer Google's search engine algorithm. These communities may even charge monthly subscription fees to stay abreast of their latest discoveries and exploits.

These are dangerous neighborhoods to frequent because instead of applying these techniques themselves where they will certainly be putting their own business at risk, they sell their techniques to the unsuspecting. They make money while putting others at risk. If their products work so well, why don't they just keep their "secrets" to themselves and make millions?

Because they make more money off the naïve and seek to grow a bigger market that will readily purchase their next cheat once it is developed. If and when their products do work, the results are short lived, and always at your expense. And lastly, judging by the amount of malware available, there are always those who get their kicks by duping others. 

It is confusing to have so many shouting that they know the way and have the answer. The various promises are so compelling, it makes purchasing hard to resist. So how do you know who to listen to?

How Not To Worry About Google Spies

The safest formula to follow when building an online business is the Google Webmaster Guidelines. If you are diligently stringent in following these points, you will never have to worry about avoiding Google spies, getting banned or losing your AdSense account. Yes, these rules require hard work but the results are long lasting and secure. Taking a shortcut in building high quality is folly on the Internet.

Realize, then, that Site Build It! doesn't work by using cheap, dirty tricks. The training provided by SBI! teaches you how to "keep it real" by creating only high quality content that over delivers to your visitors. This method is called CTPM (Content arrow Traffic arrow PREsell arrow Monetize) and it produces businesses that visitors return to and tell their friends about.

Creating pages based on researched keywords and ensuring that your on-page criteria is met each and every time you build a page, you create a site that search engines AND human visitors love - without tricks or quality-killing shortcuts. Once your business is over the hump, your monetization takes shape, eventually creating an online business that rises to the top of the search engines and runs practically on auto-pilot.

It is hard work creating an ever-growing e-business that monetizes. But the freedom provided by building an SBI! site, changes lives. It creates a foundation for earning income anywhere at any time, day or night. It helps families make ends meet, and even replaces full time jobs.

When it comes to that kind of freedom-producing, income generating result, shortcuts are unacceptable.

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