A Flood of Fake Site Build It! Reviews

For a product or service seller like SiteSell.com, reviews are a good thing... under normal circumstances. However, the flood of Site Build It! reviews that started appearing in Google's search results during March 2009 were not produced under normal circumstances.

Two prominent figures in the make money online (MMOers) circle boldly instructed their followers to...

  • write malicious product "reviews" about SBI!, despite the fact that they do not know the product
  • make sure that each review page was "Search Engine Optimized" for trademarked keywords
  • interlink the Site Build It! reviews, strategically using keywords in the links so they would rank highly in Google's search results for searches that prospective SBI! clients would likely perform just before purchasing.

In short, the Search Engine manipulators pushed the initial Site Build It! review (the reach of which would normally never extend beyond its narrow niche of followers) in front of the general public, most specifically those who are about to purchase SBI!.

Their instructions included how to...

  • write fake Site Build It! reviews and what to say,
  • link and which keywords the links should contain,
  • take and continue this attack "offline" so that even Google cannot detect it in the future,
  • remove incriminating evidence of the "Google-bomb assembly" once the attack had gained momentum.

The two MMOers who led the SBI! scam attack and the Google Bombing are technically proficient. They are known for being able to manipulate and intimidate their "fans" to follow. They, and others like them, are quite capable of orchestrating similar schemes in order to trick Google and attack any company's trademark and sales.

So what is their motive? Well in this case, they claimed to be protecting "noobs" (a derogatory term for inexperienced people) from spending $299 for Site Build It!. They claim that all you need to be successful online is "cheap hosting and free blogging software"... and - of course - the products they promote. Read more about the real motives behind the Site Build It! scam attack, which may help shed light on some SiteSell Complaints.

Let's see how the $299 price of SBI! compares to the system that the MMOers promote:

  • Since the MMOers strategy involves making money by creating 100 and more micro-sites (websites with only one to three pages of content), the cost of 100 domains alone amounts to $1,000 per year. They provide no evidence of their claim that "a few will work" and make some money. Compare this to SBI!'s verifiable proof of success (62% of SBI! sites score in the top 3% of all websites, based on stats from Alexa and Netcraft).

  • The MMO gurus promote products that make their strategies easier to execute. This contradicts their claim that "cheap hosting and free blogging software" is all you need. Their products amount to thousands of dollars.
  • Add cheap hosting ($100 per year), the cost of so many domains ($1,000 per year for 100 domains) and the purchase of just some of the products that the gurus sell or promote, and your cost is (conservatively) over $2,000 per year. 

Compare that cost ($2,000+ per year) to that of SBI! ($299 per year). Compare it to what SBI! delivers... a true business-building system of process (Content arrow Traffic arrow PREsell arrow Monetize) and all the tools you need to do the process, and constant updating of information and tools (including the addition of new, free tools as they become necessary).

Ultimately, if a prospective Site Build It! client, searching for "Site Build It! reviews" (or even What is SBI?) at Google, is misled by this network of hastily "made-on-demand" reviews into following the MMOers advice instead, s/he not only compromises personal integrity, but builds upon a foundation of sand. The strategies promoted by these MMOers have a "good until" date. That date is the day that Google either releases an algorithm which defeats their tactics or penalizes them manually.

The latter has happened to the two instigators of the SBI! scam attack. Their blogs have disappeared for search terms like "site build it! reviews", "site build it! scam" or "sitesell inc scam" and even "ken evoy scam". Their followers lost years of work, and their sites have been penalized too for being part of a "bad link neighborhood."

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