The Motives Behind The
Site Build It Scam Attack

The supposed reason behind the Site Build It scam attack was to protect "noobs" (a derogatory term for inexperienced people) from spending $299 for SBI!. The make money online gurus (MMOers) behind the Site Build It Scam attack claim that all you need to succeed on the Internet is free blogging software and cheap hosting.

However, if you examine their sites, you find a variety of affiliate products they promote to help you "make money online." In other words, what they are really saying is... "all you need to succeed online is free blogging software, cheap hosting and the products WE promote."

The MMOers' core philosophy of making money online boils down to five strategies...
  1. Identify keywords that "pay well" at Google AdSense.
  2. Create hundreds of spammy "money pages" (micro-sites with only a few pages of content), each optimized for one such high-paying keyword, by altering the content of others.
  3. Support those pages with fake link networks that you create with even worse content.
  4. Put these pages on cheap or free hosting locations, for example,,, etc.  Use aliases when you create these free accounts so Google does not recognize your deceit. (Nothing, of course, can keep Google from refining their algorithms for recognizing those patterns and ultimately banning its practice.)
  5. Hope that a few of these work and earn you money (for as long as Google tolerates this violation of their rules).

Now, if you want to apply those strategies, how do you identify high paying keywords, create hundreds of micro-sites and set up fake link networks? You are either a highly skilled Internet marketer, capable of figuring it out on your own, or... you need the programs that the MMO gurus promote, which are the real reason behind the Site Build It scam attack. (And the critics behind the lingering whisper campaign of SiteSell Reviews).

Now that you know about the Site Build It Scam link bomb attack, let's shine the light over there and examine some of the programs you'll find on their sites...

A keyword tool, designed to do Google organic and AdWords keywords research. Its basic version is free. But if you want to work properly with it (e.g. export the generated reports), you'll have to upgrade to their paid version for $49 per month. SEMRush alone will cost you almost double the price of SBI!, which comes with a cutting edge keyword brainstorming tool as part of its integrated 70+ site building, hosting, and marketing tools.

Article Marketing Automation
"Article automation" is not the way to build a business (although it is a good way to destroy one...), and it only costs you $47 per month. Another example for a tool that costs almost double the price of the entire SBI! package of process, tools and updates.

The Affiliate Academy
An affiliate marketing school, charging $250 for a lifetime subscription. If you visit the site, it's a ghost town. The last activity by members was days or weeks ago.

Niche Blogging Network
Its slogan reads: "Learn The Secrets Of Leveraging Niche Blogging To Drive Traffic & Build Back Links And Earn Recurring Income For Extreme Profits Via Your Own Massive Blog Empire. Then Put It On Auto-Pilot!" The program was originally launched at $30/month, but the price was slashed to $10/month. No wonder they slashed the price. Even a complete newbie in the online business world can tell that "all you have to do is copy and paste" isn't a formula for Internet success. The carefully orchestrated Site Build It Scam attack tries to make them look better than they are, but the motives are clear.

The last two programs, Affiliate Academy and Niche Blogging Network, were created by one of the two ringleaders in the Site Build It scam attack. They symbolize their unethical approach to making money online: Create bad content, lots of it. Get fake, easy links, lots of them. Hope that a few work. But Search Engines, historically, have demolished all the easy money making scams designed to trick them.

Would it not, in the long run, be more rewarding (in every way) and low-risk (no worries about being detected and banned by Google) to build one large authority site in a highly monetizable niche that you know and love? And since the Site Build It Scam Google bomb campaign, authority sites is exactly what the MMO gurus have shifted to.

Building Real, Evergrowing Businesses In Real Niches, Ethically

The "It!" in "Site Build It!" is everything. Do your due diligence and you will find a company unlike any other....

  • SBI! taught in collegesSBI! is offered at over 30 universities, including Penn State, University of Arizona, Citadel Military Academy.
  • Our reputation is stellar and has never before been maliciously attacked. 
  • 3 generations of "Internet Marketing", AKA "Make Money Online" (MMO), companies have come and gone since we've been in the business-building business. This 4th generation of MMOers is different only in their maliciousness, as shown in their Site Build It scam attack.
  • Over 40,000 customers love SBI!, going about building their business (which are virtually all unrelated to Internet Marketing itself). They do so effectively and without distraction.
  • SBI! is for any serious person... whatever the business interest, regardless of where you live, any age. 
  • SiteSell does not promise you GRQ (Get Rich Quick), nor the latest-greatest hyped-up hot trends. SiteSell has ignored many "hot trends" that would have wasted people's time and makes it a regular and consistent practice to only incorporate what is new, useful and important.
  • Site Build It! does guarantee that if you bring your "BAM" ("Brain - Attitude - Motivation"), all you need to succeed is delivered. BAM alone cannot break down many of the barriers to building a winning e-business. But when SBI! removes those barriers, it is truly inspiring to see what so-called "average/everyday" people can achieve.
  • You will never find proof of success, not from any other company, and especially not from the MMO gurus. Where are their success stories, such as SBI!'s case studies and sampling of top 1% sites?

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