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Doing research to locate a SiteSell review or an SBI! review is a great way to determine if SiteSell is a company you'd want to do business with. The Internet provides endless opportunity for everyone to share about their experiences with products and services they’ve tried. At the same time, it also provides the opportunity to make false statements and distribute fake reviews.

By conducting some due diligence, you can determine yourself whether a SiteSell review is genuine or hastily put together by someone who either hasn't researched the product at all, or intentionally gives false information.

Why Fake Reviews?

Recently, many of the top search results for the keyword term “sitesell review” are clouded with “fake” reviews. They are lingering evidence of a malicious Site Build It! scam attack against SiteSell. While this may raise an honest person’s eyebrows, orchestrators behind the attack knew full well they could achieve this effect, and did it intentionally. The group purposely created a barrier between themselves and the real reviews of SiteSell and it's flagship product, Site Build It! (SBI!).

Most of us can tell the difference between a real SiteSell review and a staged one. A real review about any product or service is usually unbiased and if the reviewer is credible, he or she will strive to base it upon proven, verifiable facts and statistics. If opinion is used, it will be stated, but the basis for the overall slant of the review, rating, or grade will usually be explained.

It is interesting to note that while the most prominent reviewers in the SiteSell attack did state their intentions, they were only participating out of disagreement with one isolated incident and many of them aren't even SiteSell customers. Real reviews are done in a sincere effort to help others determine the pros and cons of a given product, and aren't written in a malicious attempt to completely condemn a specific company.

As a result of these staged reviews, many of the search engine listings for the keyword term, “sitesell review”, don't contain fact-based scrutiny. Instead, you will find scathing reports that were written, not by users of the SiteSell product, but by spectators of a single incident.

Why SiteSell?

The large number of negative Site Build It! reviews in the top search results was the sum of a live, online lesson given by one unethical blogger demonstrating how easy it is to use the search engines to slander one product in order to sell another. And, it wasn't a mistake that SiteSell and Site Build It! were the focus of this lesson.

SiteSell is highly regarded by tens of thousands of customers all over the world. Major universities and colleges around the globe teach SBI! as a course.

Since SiteSell had historically few or no complaints, and no one was bad mouthing them, why select such an honorable company as a target? The answer lies in the deviousness of the technique because a squeaky-clean reputation is key to its workability. The happier the customers, the more loyal would be the following. The more passionate the loyalty, the more intense the frenzy when the lies and falsehoods were presented and the technique implemented. The larger the frenzy, the more money to be made.

An Age Old Strategy

This strategy is age-old, used for decades by the tabloids. It involves the artful twisting of facts and manipulation of negative emotions to increase sales, which are achieved at the expense of a beloved celebrity's reputation. The more beloved the celebrity is, the more effective the maneuver, because the appalling nature of it attracts more attention.

In fact, the author of the lessons above admitted to his readers that he launched numerous Internet scandals against celebrities in order to make some quick cash. This indicates how low he was willing to go to make money, encouraging his students to do the same. After all, money is money, in his mind.

Some people will stretch the boundaries of ethics to get search engine rankings and will do anything it takes to earn income, not caring who they hurt along the way. But earning money unethically is shortsighted and will only work temporarily. As someone gains a reputation for being unethical, his/her credibility is lost as those who pay or buy one's product, lose their trust.

Site Build It! (SBI!)

As for Site Build It!, it’s an all-in-one e-business building system that has successfully taught tens of thousands of everyday people how to build a business based on something they have a passion for. SBI! teaches how to get traffic to your site/business and build honest relationships with customers who want to do business with you because they like and trust you. Site Build It!'s exclusive Content arrow Traffic arrow PREsell arrow Monetize process will teach you how to achieve this trust, while the tools it provides help you to acquire free, ever-growing traffic.

It is a process that works, with proven, verifiable results. Tons of verifiable results. SBI! is certainly a threat to the competition who cannot compete, but can only attack. Hence the fake SiteSell reviews.

Be Aware

Please be aware that you might come across a fake SiteSell review while researching SiteSell. It’s important to continue to conduct your due diligence. We are confident that you’ll find SiteSell to be a highly respected company with a near flawless reputation and customer appreciation.

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Founded in 1997, based in Montreal, Canada

Privately held & profitable since its inception

Creator of the SBI! Web business-building system

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Since 1997, SiteSell has enabled both small businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve commercial success on the Web through products that literally change lives.

Our product offerings illustrate the range of customer needs from the "do-it-yourselfer" to more sophisticated mentoring and Web site building services that meet the requirements of existing businesses looking to move their enterprises to the Internet.

At SiteSell, we understand customer needs like no other company on the Web. That's why we've tailored each of our products based on a no-nonsense approach to business-building with a track record of success that is truly umatched online.

Customers want results - SiteSell delivers.

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