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If you search for a Site Build It! review, you most likely are looking for an objective report that includes the product's features, benefits and any potential advantages and disadvantages. A good product review should provide a description of the product's features and a balanced assessment of its pros and cons. Ideally the review should be based on first hand experience, i.e. the author actually uses the product. If a reviewer does not own the product, s/he should research it thoroughly in order to write about it knowledgeably.

Now let's look at the Site Build It! review by one member of the make money online (MMOers) circle. This is the review that set the whole Site Build It! scam attack in motion.

The review contained no less than nineteen wrong statements. We will concentrate on the six most obvious ones. They show that the author either didn't do any research about SBI!, or that the wrong facts were given intentionally to hurt product sales. Additionally, the sloppy writing style, typos and lack of basic spell-checking reflect a profound disrespect not only for the product, but for the reader as well.  Fake Site Build It Review

Wrong statement #1: "... you don't own your domain"
Fact: You do own your own domain and always have. This is a staggering "mistake." The only possible reasons to make such a statement are either blatant incompetence or a deliberate attempt to hurt SBI! sales.  

Wrong statement #2: "Site Build It has been around for a while and even has some good parts to it. But that doesn't make it any less a scam."
Fact: Any serious reviewer would count product longevity and "good parts" as evidence for the product being genuine. The author however does not even attempt an objective assessment.

Wrong statement #3: "... you can't just move your website elsewhere to say cheaper hosting - you are tied up with SBI for life."
Fact: You can move your SBI! site easily. This is another flat-out mistake with the obvious goal to hurt sales. The author supports her wrong statement with a dramatic "tied up" image (see the image to the right).

Wrong statement #4: "further more (sic) to rank your site they suggest you use pay per click (PPC) advertising"
Fact: SBI! is all about generating free organic traffic from the engines, not about mastering PPC, which is completely different.

Wrong statement #5: "SiteBuildIt (sic) is basically a franchise model applied to building websites"
Fact: SBI! is not a franchise model. It is beyond our understanding where the author got this from.

Wrong statement #6: "Bottom line with the Site build it scam you put the hard work in - you get your keywords to rank and you don't own your website"
All SBIers do own their own sites. Later, after admitting that SBI! works, the author makes another fundamental mistake. This is meant to hurt sales. 

Let's correct the factual error and reprint the last point of the Site Build It! review, which is the reviewer's admitted "bottom line"...

Bottom line with Site build it is you put the hard work in - you get your keywords to rank and you own your website.

This is, in fact, the perfect one-line summary of SBI!.

What else could help you to distinguish an honest Site Build It! review from an intentionally misleading one? Let's assume for a moment, you wrote the above review. Then the company's founder, Ken Evoy, explains point-by-point that you got the facts about SBI! wrong. As a genuine reviewer, with the intent to help your readers make an informed decision, you would simply correct the facts, right? And perhaps apologize for making wrong assumptions in the first place...

However, below is an example of how this MMOer updated the initial Site Build It! review. Instead of correcting the wrong statements, even more misleading "facts" were added!  Do you see the ad for "Affiliate Niche Store Builder?" This indicates the hidden agenda behind the whole attack (more about the real motives later on).

Site Build It! Scam
The obvious lie, that " you don't own your website" is crossed out and the following was added as an "update:" You do own your site but you are tided (sic) into the SBI tools and although you can take the actual words from the site and you lose the access to the tools that you use to maintain and develop the site. 

Isn't that to be expected? If you no longer own a product, you can no longer use it. If you switch cars from a new Mercedes to an old Lada, you can no longer use the Mercedes. Similarly, you lose access to the SBI! tools, the 100+ modules that helped make you so successful.

The real point is that you can move your SBI! site, you can do it easily and you can then use other tools to build it. Bloggers cannot move their blogs from one blogging platform to another one as easily as one can move an SBI! site.

The real reason behind the negative Site Build It! review becomes obvious in the above screen shot... bashing SBI! with the goal to promote competing products.

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