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People look for Site Build It! complaints as a way of evaluating what to expect with SBI!. Viewing what other customers say helps them decide if they should give a purchase serious consideration or move on.

Of course no company anywhere is perfect, so we must recognize that any business is bound to receive a complaint now and then. If you do an Internet search, you will likely come across a Site Build It! complaint or two, which is what this site is all about. If you've landed here without reading the site's introduction, do take a minute to read that now by going to the Site Build It! Scam Home Page.

Site Build It! services thousands of customers and helps many people achieve online success, so that should be a weighing factor. Make sure to view the Site Build It! results page to find verifiable evidence of this. You won’t find verifiable results like this anywhere else on the Web.

When you are doing your online research, it is important that you read Site Build It! complaints from people who have actually used the product, not from those who "speculate" or invent complaints because they are guessing or relaying a rumor. Without intending to, some people will repeat something they've heard without mentioning that it's not first-hand knowledge.

Next, understand that Site Build It! is about building a successful online business. SBI! provides the training and tools in order to help you achieve that goal. You pick up the tools and do the work and apply your own brains and motivation. To liken the situation to a tool you would purchase for your home, a lawnmower is a great tool, but it won't cut the grass by itself.

Site Build It! is about applying a proven process, called the C arrow T arrow P arrow M process, which means Content arrow Traffic arrow PREsell arrow Monetize. It is this process that gets SBI! sites rise to the top of the Search Engines and creates ever-growing e-businesses that eventually run on autopilot. If you're not willing to use that process, then it makes no sense to sign up for SBI!, because C arrow T arrow P arrow M is a big part of what SBI! is all about.

SBI! consistently overdelivers to its customers and has for over 10 years (that’s like a century on the Internet).  SBI! is unlike any other product online. In fact it’s difficult to identify the “competition” because there really is none. Some folks compare SBI! to hosting or site builders but SBI! is about building businesses not hosting or site building.

The training materials in SBI! are hugely comprehensive. This is not something where you get a short manual or a single page of FAQs. In addition to the written Action Guide, the video Action Guide and the Site Build It! forums, there is also a Tips and Techniques Headquarters, Monetization Headquarters, a weekly e-zine and all the online help you could ever possibly need available for every feature. And it’s all constantly being updated to keep up with the rapidly changing pace of the online world.

Why does SBI! thoroughly deliver so much content and information to its customers? Simply put, SBI! aims to give you everything it can to help you succeed. That includes tools, support and training materials.
One of the biggest of SBI! are the forums you have access to. The Site Build It! forums are some of the best in the world. Its members are helpful and friendly with people giving freely of their time. It's amazing to see so many good people helping each other in one place! There are forum guidelines that are enforced so certain behaviors and activities are prohibited such as being rude or trying to sell. These rules help create a nurturing environment with thousands of like-minded individuals working along-side each other to build their businesses. On the flip side, they might also lead to some Site Build It! complaints by disgruntled former SBI! owners who were excluded from the forums.

The bottom line is, Site Build It! is a friendly, success-focused product. SiteSell, the company behind SBI!, works hard to help its customers succeed and overdelivers on a consistent basis. New features and upgrades are added continuously, all at an affordable price which has not increased in many years.

It is important to do your due diligence in any purchase you make. So, by any means, if you come across Site Build It! complaints, take them into account for your decision. But there's really no way to know if Site Build It! will work for you unless you try it yourself. That is why SiteSell offers a 90 day money back guarantee. This is a no-questions-asked policy, so you really have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

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