SiteSell Inc Scam

Sitesell Inc Scam Search Suggestion

This SiteSell Inc scam search suggestion is a search engine manipulation (left). Like the Site Build It Scam campaign, the phrase itself exists because someone deliberately created it.

Let's face it. The word "scam" is another word for "fraudulent scheme." It is common knowledge that such tricks exist and these days, if each of us hasn't fallen for one of them ourselves, we know someone else who has. However, after helping people grow successful ebusinesses since 1997, SiteSell has tens of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. It just isn't a scam. Period.

After seeing this search suggestion, one might ask themselves, why are people dissatisfied with SiteSell? As with any company, the truthful answer lies in honest, real-life complaints. But there are search results intentionally planted by a small group of people (less than 10) who are convincing enough to draw others into their vendetta. They are the ones keeping the "scam" fires burning. Some of their tactics are to post excessively under anonymous identities and using black hat means to manipulate search results.

That is not to say that SiteSell is perfect. Like any other company, SiteSell makes mistakes on occasion. In contrast, while SiteSell is imperfect, it is also considered one of the most ethical and transparent companies in the world. This is because when mistakes are made, SiteSell admits its errors and takes steps to rectify them. When things go wrong, open dialog occurs to explain why and what is being done about it.

However, there are those who refuse to accept measures to make things right no matter what is said and done. They won't move on. It will be found that behind the loudest, most alarming complaints is the same small group of orchestrators fanning the flames, trying their hardest to keep the Site Build It Scam campaign alive.

Actually, the SiteSell Inc scam orchestration is quite telling.

When one has a disagreement with a restaurant, one returns the meal for a replacement or complains to the management. When management takes measures to rectify the matter, one can accept it or move on. The customer absolutely has the right to tell others about the bad experience.

When a laundry service loses your favorite shirt but is honest enough to admit their error, then offers to replace it, it is reasonable behavior to accept the offer of remedy and move forward, even switching to a different service, if desired.

But when one devotes actual years of her life beating a drum against a product or a company, actively attacks it and seeks recruits for her cause, something else is going on.

Ulterior Financial Motives

There is no company in the world that does not err or get complaints. Humans make mistakes. If you browse a complaint site, you might be surprised at who and what is complained about. But when complaints become wild and malicious, when the devotion to slamming a bit too earnest, realize there are other motives at play.

If you are investigating the alleged SiteSell Inc scam, be sure to look closely, because you will find them. And don't be surprised to find that even some of the most sympathy-provoking stories have ulterior financial motives.

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