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If you've been looking for a review of SBI! you may have come across some that don't seem in sync with all the other information available. The important thing to remember before you purchase any product or service is to do your due diligence in order to make an educated decision. Below is a brief review of SBI! that will hopefully help clear up any questions you may have.

If you read a review that seemed negative about SBI!, you may have read an "SBI! scam review". These scam reviews are actually a scam in themselves. They were written by a group of unethical bloggers with the end goal of profiting from making sales of products competing with SBI!. So let's get right to what you're looking for, a proper review of SBI!...

The SBI! Action Guide

When you purchase SBI! you receive a complete training manual called the SBI! Action Guide. The Action Guide walks you step-by-step through starting and running an online business (text, video and mobile versions). The Guide is kept up to date, almost in real time so you don’t have to worry about having redundant information.

Choosing a Niche

When starting any business, many folks think they must have a product or service to sell. While it is entirely possible to build an e-business in order to sell a product or service, it's not necessary. You can earn income selling other company's products through affiliate programs, by placing Google ads on your Web site and many other ways which are outlined in detail in the Action Guide.

The first step in the Action Guide is about choosing your niche (or site concept) with the help of SBI!'s Brainstorm It! module, a powerful and easy to use keyword and site concept research tool. You enter up to three site concept keywords and Brainstorm It! brings back many profitable keywords related to your site concept. These keywords will become the topics of your site's content pages. 

Before you jump into writing your pages you learn how to organize all those keywords into a website blueprint, a 3-tier site structure, optimized for both human visitors and Search Engines.

The first five chapters of the Action Guide are geared towards laying a solid foundation for your future e-business, starting with choosing a niche that suits you and that has a high earning potential.


Building a site with in-demand content is only part of your business plan. An online business needs to make money! With SBI!, monetization is an integral part of the e-business building process. Using checklists and real life examples, a variety of monetization models are offered for your consideration. You'll be guided on how to choose the best monetizing options for your particular niche.

What else belongs into a proper review of SBI!? Oh yes, establishing your...


When you start writing content for your website, you need to establish your own voice. Through your “voice” you build trust with your visitors. It's one of the ways they come to know and like you, and eventually feel comfortable doing business with you. Many resources are included in SBI! to help you develop and establish your voice and write content that builds trust with your visitors, like the e-book Make Your Content PREsell!.

Site Building

Once your foundational preparation is done, you can turn to actual site and business building. You don't need to worry if you're not particularly tech savvy. If you can type, you can build a site using the Blockbuilder module of SBI!. On the other hand, if you know HTML, CSS (and the other techie stuff), you can choose to use your own favorite HTML editor (i.e., Dreamweaver, CoffeeCup, etc.) and simply upload your pages to SBI!.


It’s in your best interest to build a relationship with your visitors in order to build trust. A variety of integrated tools assist you in building a long term, positive relationship with your audience. For example, you can set up an RSS feed with only a few clicks. Visitors who subscribe to your RSS feed automatically get updates when you add a new page or edit an existing one. Another tool called Form builder makes it simple and easy to set up any type of form you may need – contact form, feedback, etc. E-zines are an important part of building relationships with your visitors too. Once again, SBI! makes it very easy to set up newsletters with the Mailout Manager.

Content 2.0 (C2)

C2 is a unique module within SBI! that allows your visitors to actually build your website’s pages (with your approval) for you. When your visitor submits a comment (and/or photo) in response to your C2 invitation, their content actually becomes a real page on your site. Imagine having a team of writers doing the writing for you!

If you come across a review of SBI!, compare it with the features and benefits described here. Any honest and thorough review of SBI! should include at least some of them.

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