Keep It Real

The expression “keep it real” has been popularly used for decades. But what does it really mean? Simply put, it means to stay honest or true to yourself and not be fake.

Ken Evoy, founder of SiteSell, talks a lot about keeping it real. It's one of the basic factors that sets SBI! apart from other business building systems on the Net. In fact, in the byline for SBI!, it says... eBusiness Success. Simple. Real.

On the other side of the coin, there are folks who don’t keep it real, particularly in business. For example, most people consider stealing to be wrong. Yet some people essentially steal in one form or another when doing business online. On the Internet, the term stealing typically means taking and using content, images or ideas, etc. without getting permission from the owner. 

Perhaps it's due to the onset of social media or free introductory products provided by online businesses, but the lines of “go ahead, take it, it's free” get blurred quite easily. It can “seem” okay to grab a photo from a neighboring Web site and put it on your own without asking or giving credit to the site owner. Some folks even copy entire pages of content.

Article Spinning Software - Good or Bad?

Despite the ease of obtaining free content, republishing it without permission is still stealing, otherwise known as plagiarism and it’s wrong. This type of behavior also comes with a penalty from the Search Engines. Today, there are actually groups of people who advocate swiping other people's content and using it for their own purposes. They are typically makers or sellers of article spinning software, a tool that slices and dices content and turns it into nearly incomprehensible mush. Of course these software peddlers call this “making it unique”, quite the opposite of “keep it real”. 

Site Build It! advises against the use of article spinning software. Spinning other’s unique content is a form of stealing. In addition, you risk being penalized by Search Engines for publishing duplicate content. In fact, many who have used content spinning products admit that by the time they achieve to make a spinned article unique, it would have been easier to create their own content to begin with. 

On the other side of the fence, there are those who swear by article spinning and work hard at convincing their followers that borrowing content and spinning it for your own use is acceptable. It's cheap (they say) and it's easy (so it seems). What they don't point out are the potential duplicate content penalties and how many people get banned and delisted from Search Engines by using such a technique. 

Since the inception of the Web, there have always been people or groups who scam others. This includes people who work hard at finding ways to trick the Search Engines and/or visitors. Most of their ideas are limited, working for just a little while, before the Search Engines discover the trend and work to eliminate its practice. Meanwhile, the techniques are sold over and over as quickly as possible to Get-Rich-Quick seekers in order to maximize the scammer’s profits. 

Keep It Real With SBI!

So why is it so crucial for SBI! that you keep it real? It’s all about success. Honest, long term success. Quick and easy processes that put one's business at risk are never worth it. 

An example of the damage that can happen with content spinning is the Site Build It! scam attack in March 2009. Ken Evoy, founder of SiteSell, was scorned by content spinners when he attempted to debate the issues of whether keeping it real was a better business practice than borrowing and spinning content. was created to factually explain what happened during that attack and set the record straight. 

If you are looking to start your own online business, SBI! is all about building a business that’s real. You will learn how to create free, ever-growing traffic that can be turned into a long term income stream.

Your site and your content will be unique. Using the C arrow T arrow P arrow M process, visitors will find you and come to know and trust you. Keep it real, build trust with your visitors, and they will be coming back time and time again.

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