SBI! Action Guide

The SBI! Action Guide is a step-by-step manual for building a successful e-business with Site Build It! (SBI!). If you’ve heard about it, you may be wondering what the fuss is all about.

Much like an owner’s manual that comes with a new tool or household appliance, the SBI! Action Guide is your how-to guide that helps you learn the SBI! process and tools to create an e-business that eventually grows on its own. It’s a 10 “Day” plan (metaphorically speaking) during which you research, develop and grow your business. You build your business at your own pace, moving step-by-step to online success.

With SBI! You Build A Business Not Just A Site

Unlike traditional hosting services that offer meager technical advice and a list of frequently asked questions, SBI! goes above and beyond “traditional.” It teaches you everything you need to know to build not just a site, but an online business. Between the SBI! Action Guide, the 70+ business-building modules and the friendly success-focused forums you’ll receive what some people consider a degree in online business.

What About Free Site Builders or Blog Platforms?

If you’re wondering why a free site builder or blog software wouldn’t suffice, that answer depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to build a personal or family site and don’t intend to earn income, free site builders like Weebly and Yola and blog platforms like WordPress are great solutions. But step beyond the limits of their free services, and you’re paying as much, if not more than SBI! costs and you’re getting far less then you would with SBI!.

If you have insights on timely events and enjoy writing, then a blog may work for you. However, most blogs are difficult to monetize as traffic tends to come from fellow bloggers and is often short-lived. If you do manage to build up a following and are able to monetize, it’s important to understand that blog software like Wordpress has security issues that can be problematic. Additionally, most web hosts have traffic and bandwidth limits. Exceed them and you pay more. So what appears to be “free,” really isn’t.

Site Build It! sites are secure and you never pay extra regardless of how much traffic you build or how successful you become. Anybody can put up a site these days and it seems like just about everybody has a blog. Yet, how many bloggers are successful in terms of traffic and income? The unsuccessful far outweigh the successful.

A Proven, Step-By-Step Business Building Action Plan

In contrast, following the proven, step-by-step process laid out in the SBI! Action Guide, SBIers dominate their niches. Proof of this can be seen here: No other hosting company or site builder provides this proof because they only give you a fraction of what it takes to be successful. Getting a site online is the easy part. Creating an ever-growing online business is much more difficult.

Site builders and web hosts don’t deliver the “how to” or all the tools you need in one place. You’re on your own when it comes to piecing together what you need for your business and spending time on each learning curve.

Site Build It! helps you do all the right things, in the right order and at the right times. That systematic approach is what sets the SBI! Action Guide and those who follow it while building their business apart. 

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