Site Build It! Sucks

Site Build It! sucks? Yes, there are actually valid reasons why some people think Site Build It! sucks. So we thought we tell you why in case that's what you think too.

Some folks are still hung up on wanting to be able to FTP. You can't do FTP with Site Build It! SBI! works because everything is stored in a database (pages, graphics, content for block-by-block SiteBuilders, etc). When you upload your HTML, it goes into a database first, and then your page is built, tags are filled in, javascript is added, etc. Everything even remotely associated with each page is in the master database (submissions, spider visits, indexing, page ranking, links, clicks, forms, zines, and so on). It's ALL in the master database.

This is what allows all of SBI!'s functionality to be completely integrated. It allows each function to know what every other function is doing. And it allows all the automated, repetitive functionality to happen. The power is in the database, not in FTP . It's focus is on using the database to drive C arrow T arrow P arrow M to drive your small business success. In a nutshell, Site Build It! provides 99% of "regular FTP" efficiency bringing you top results.

Is SBI! Just Web Hosting?

Another common reason that some folks think Site Build It! sucks is they believe SBI! is just plain old Web Hosting. Sure, SBI! includes Web hosting but it is not just Web hosting. When you register your domain with Site Build It!, SiteSell is the registrar. The SBI! system needs to be able to count on certain matters being handled in a certain way as explained above. In every part of the SBI! system, human errors/variations need to be eliminated to keep everything perfectly integrated and running smoothly. That's the primary reason why SBI! sites are hosted by SiteSell.

Isn't SBI! Just A Site Builder?

Another misnomer and understandably so - due to it's name - is that Site Build It! is well, just a site builder. So not true! SBI! is so much more than a site builder. It's an all-in-one online business builder. Site Build It! probably should have be named "Business Build It!" since that is what SBI! has evolved into. But there was no way of knowing that way back in 1999.

Of course no product is right for everyone. SBI! (and any other product for that matter), cannot possibly meet every permutation of needs from those using the product to build their online business. To do so would be very costly and would, out of necessity, impose limitations on other workable areas of the product that would benefit the majority. 

Site Build It! is affordably priced and designed to help the average person to create an online business regardless of technical skill level. SBI! provides all the training, tools and support to help you succeed.

When someone says Site Build It! sucks it's usually because it doesn't offer certain capabilities as described here. However, Site Build It! sites get traffic. The SBI! Action Guide teaches you how to get your niche site to the top of the Search Engines. The C arrow T arrow P arrow M process keeps you focused and the tools make your work easier and more effective.

If you want to build an ever-growing e-business that generates income around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, why not give SBI! a try? Taking it for a test drive is the single best way for you to know if it’s right for you and find out for yourself if Site Build It! sucks or Site Build It! works. Top that with a 90-day money back guarantee and it makes trying it risk free.

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