Site Build It Scam Recap:
A Quick Guide to the Google Bomb

This page is a Site Build It Scam Recap, for those of you new to the site. It is a brief summary with quick highlights of how the Google bomb began and how it evolved until now. The entire situation has been an interesting study in reversals of fact and artful twisting of truth. The event summary below deals with some of those reversals, re-setting black to white and lies back to truth which is in actuality, the way things really are.

Not knowing SBI! yourself, you'll never know who to believe unless you were there or have used the product personally. Even then, not everyone is successful with SBI!, and there is no product anywhere that is perfect or that makes everyone happy.

But SBI! is certainly not a scam as some (like Site Build It scam Google bombers) would lead you to believe. It is up to you to perform your own due diligence and we hope you find this Site Build It Scam recap a helpful tool for that.

After reviewing this Site Build It Scam recap, be sure to browse the rest of the site to get more in-depth information on the details, as well as Google's involvement.

The Beginning

It all began when a blogger wrote a fake Site Build It Scam Review. The review became ground zero of what is now a fully mature Google bomb. It was a false and inflammatory evaluation of Site Build It!, and was written without any firsthand knowledge or experience with the product.

The two words: "false" and "inflammatory" are key elements to the power, extent and effectiveness of the bomb.

The Truth Comes Out

Later, the blogger admitted she had no knowledge or experience with Site Build It! and basically made it up after a brief glance at the website. That admission was made AFTER the Site Build It Scam Google bomb fuse was lit, and the excessive linking already underway.

The Google Bomb Fuel

The lies in the Site Build It scam review created a problem for long-time users of the product with profound knowledge of its effectiveness. It offended them. These users then tried to rectify the matter by addressing the author of the review, but attempts to do so were met with vulgarities, insults and ridicule.

Fact: These insults and vulgarities effectively fanned the Google bomb fuse into a raging debate, growing quickly and drawing traffic. The so-called "independent reviewer" quickly posted competitor links and products for sale in order to capitalize on the controversy. They have been there ever since.

Later, the vulgar insults were removed from the blogger's post, and incriminating evidence hidden. (Record only one side of any conversation and it will appear much different than what actually occurred.)

Adding Gasoline to a Fire

SBI! users made comments to the post, trying to correct the inaccuracies in the review. Blogger's response to the comments? She was being attacked.

Fact: While it is true some SBI!ers became agitated, it was a display of frustration, not aggression. They were reacting to the inaccuracies of the review and the subsequent verbal abuse they received there. The truth is, SBI!ers were very poorly treated and their statements, twisted.

Fact: On the other hand, blogger's guests used words like "minion" or "bootlicking cult" when referring to the SBI! commentators, while Ken Evoy was called Hitler. Many fallacies were created and spread around the Net. The intended hate of those words needs no mention. The truth was and is that Site Build It! has happy, passionate customers. That is a good sign, not a bad one.

Innuendo and Lies Keep the Fires Raging

As the Site Build It Scam Google bomb grew, more lies were told and truths made sinister through innuendo, hate and force. Like an evil wind, many of these lies spread across the Net, passing from person to person like urban legends.

Result: This page was created to address SBI! urban legends, or urban myths.

SBI!ers continued to comment on the blog, refusing to concede to the lies until eventually all SBI! comments were cut off. At the time this Site Build It Scam recap was written, only anti-SBI! comments are allowed there and that blog post is nothing more than a platform for bashing SBI! . . . with carefully placed product placement, of course. (And products from carefully chosen competitors, that is!) That review is hardly a source of balanced information and never was.

After SBIer's were cut off from commenting, all comments on the Google bomb blog were jumbled. This shifted the lies and anti-SBI! bias to the top, making it easy to find. It also buried the truth. It made the SBI! side of the story difficult or even impossible to find.

Massive Linking Nails the Review to the Top of Search Engine Results Pages

After only a few months, that blog post received thousands of links, all with carefully orchestrated anchor text. That's the mechanism of a Google bomb.

While the blogger claimed she was the victim of attack, she was later discovered in an interview bragging about her income and notoriety from the post, which she continues to receive today.

Truth: She was not, nor is, a victim. She set up the Google bomb and orchestrated the linking. And her key accomplice is and was, Google. Without the Google algorithm, she would never have succeeded and would not be earning income by maligning a reputable company with a history of genuinely helping people become self-reliant and improve their lot in life.

Even Blatant and Open Confession Won't Defuse the Bomb

In early 2011, blogger made an explicit public confession to the Google bomb and posted it on her blog. Google, despite its quality guidelines still refuses to defuse the bomb and allows it to remain at the top of the search results for Site Build It!'s brand name.

Reflections and Painful Lessons

Along the way, this situation has appeared to be a misunderstanding. Attempts were made with friendly hands to reach out and bridge the gap of understanding. Unfortunately, each attempt was met with ridicule and hostility until eventually, communication channels were cut off--not by SiteSell, but by the blogger.

Google's advice when it comes to Google bombs? Contact the owner of the offending page and have it removed. This was done, to no avail.

This Site Build It Scam Recap condensed the events that occurred and if you have read this far, you may be asking why not just leave it alone and forget it? The answer is integrity. As long as the lies remain, the injustice continues. That injustice extends far beyond Site Build It! and its founding company, SiteSell.

Site Build It! truly does have the power to help people and change lives.

The real victims of the Site Build It Scam Google bomb are those who miss out on SBI! because of vicious falsehoods held in place by a machine over which no one will claim responsibility.

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